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Fareham and Gosport Wellbeing Courses and Activities 2021 Posted on 18 Feb 2021

Here is a list and description of the Courses and activities currently on offer.  Presently these are being delivered by ZOOM due to Covid restrictions.

Please speak to your worker if you are interested in taking part in any of these courses and activities and they can give you further details.



This course will teach you skills and techniques to improve your self-esteem and build your confidence.

OCD Course

If you are dealing with OCD this course will help you to develop coping skills and strategies, and help you to identify your triggers.

Anxiety and Relaxation

This course will help you to relieve your anxiety by teaching you how to identify your triggers and manage them. The course included relaxation techniques to relieve stress.

Life Skills Course

This course will teach you easy skills to deal with everyday issues which can impact on our Wellbeing

This course will help you build up a range of tools to cope better with everyday life, and build resilience. You can use these yourself and teach to your family.


This is a recovery focussed group teaching skills to manage you wellbeing. Especially designed for those clients with ADHD and ASD.

Mini Wrap

This course helps you to write your own action plan for managing your recovery and wellbeing.

Evening Group

An opportunity for people who are working or can’t access the daytime groups to check in and learn some self-help skills.


Coffee and chat

If you are feeling Low due to the current pandemic or are feeling isolated, join our twice weekly coffee and chat group

This group give you the chance to meet others and take part in various activities organised by our workers these include both creative and active sessions. Please speak to your worker about the various sessions and how to access them

Writing for recover

For those who enjoy writing or find it helpful to put your thoughts on paper.

18-30 drop in (3 times a week)

This group is especially for those aged 18- 30 , it’s a chance to meet others dealing with similar issues –  The group focuses on fun activities  that support or increase individual’s self-confidence, communication skills and joint interests. Quizzes, some skill based life skills and setting SMART Goals. Groups has been well attended and we run three groups per week and individuals are supportive of each other

Carers Support Sessions 

We run two monthly support sessions, Carers , and Parents 14 +. This session is led by our staff but gives you the chance to meet others in similar situations. 

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