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Please click here for details on the surgery opening hours.

The Surgery is also part of the GP Extended Access scheme. Please click here for GP Extended Access for information.

Appointment System 

(For current surgery times please enquire at reception)

Face to Face  and Telephone consultations are by appointment only. Appointments can be booked up to 7* days ahead. We try to offer an appointment with your preferred doctor at the earliest opportunity but if it is busy or your doctor is not available you may see another doctor.  We haveupdated our appointment system to include some face to face appointments as well as telephone. If the GP feels they need to see you in person they will organise a Face to Face appointment with you.

The Practice also offers 'urgent' on the day triage list which is managed by the duty Dr.  There is no choice with who you see for an emergency appointment as this depends on who is allocated duty that day.

What do i do if i test positive for covid but still need to visit the surgery for my wound dressing?

Please telephone the surgery to advise us that you are covid positive.  We will ask you to wait outside in your car our the front of the building and keep distance from other patients.  When it is time for your appointmnets someone will come and get you and take you stright in to an isolated room where you can receive your treatment. 

We will try and put your appointment at the end of the day/ end of clinic and ask you to wear a mask and gloves whilst in the building. If any part of your appointment can be done via telephone we may do this ahead/ after your visit.


If you arrive more than 10 minutes late for your face to face appointment you will need to rebook. If the problem is an emergency then you will be seen in the next emergency clinic.

Telephone Consultations

Telephone consultations will take place during the doctor's morning or afternoon clinic. A specific time cannot be given  for telephone consultations due to the unpredictable nature of a working doctor's day.

We strongly advise that you have with you or are by your telephone as much as possible when waiting for a telephone consultation in order to avoid missing the call.

Any appointment time for telephone consultations shown on patient's online services should be ignored.

Urgent appointments

Urgent cases (patients who need to be seen and cannot wait until the next routine appointment) will be triaged daily by the duty GP - for their immediate problem only. As a consequence, the appointment will be brief, and you are advised to use the appointment system for other consultations. Because of the type of consultation, we cannot guarantee that you will be seen by a specific GP, or how long you may have to wait. The Doctors reserve the right to discuss with the patient the appropriate use of this service.

Visits - if you require a visit from a GP, please call the surgery before 10am. The GP may call you prior to the visit.

On-line Appointment Booking

Click here for details of our online service and how to sign up for this.

Your G.P. surgery is not always the correct place to go for every medical problem you may have.

Other services are better equipped to deal with certain issues and can be accessed easily and quickly.

Please see the poster we have created for further information (PDF, 187KB)

Blood Tests

Gudge Heath Lane Surgery only performs blood tests on patients that are registered at Gudge Heath Lane Surgery.

Only blood tests requested by Gudge Heath Lane Surgery doctors can be performed at Gudge Heath Lane Surgery. No hospital requests will be taken.

Blood test requests from hospitals must be done at the hospital that requested the blood test.

Hospitals will not perform any blood tests which have been requested by Gudge Heath Lane Surgery doctors.

How To Get The Most From Your Appointment

Ask yourself: How important is it that I’m seen quickly, or would I be better waiting for an appointment with a particular GP? If you have a long-term condition you’ll probably benefit from a GP who knows you. Do I really need to see the GP or could the nurse or pharmacist help me?

Don’t be put off by a GP who runs late – they may be spending needed time with patients. One day you may appreciate them running late for you.

It’s tempting to bring a list of unrelated problems, but consider what’s achievable in 10 minutes. 4 problems in 10 minutes - that’s 150 seconds each. It’s often better to come back again and spend more time on a problem rather than squeeze as many as you can into one ten minute appointment.

Before you see the GP, work out in your own mind what you’re worried about, and highlight any particular concerns. Consider preparing short notes, including how you would describe your symptoms.

Get to the point, don’t beat about the bush and don’t keep important issues until the end.

Wear accessible clothing if you’re likely to need to undress for examination.

Make sure you understand what happens next, if you are not sure ask to go through the plan again.

Have your say and get your views heard; join our patient participation group and please fill in a Friends and Family card after each contact you have with the surgery.

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