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Covid-19 Vaccinations

Update 15th January 2020

We are beginning to get deliveries of both the Pfizer and Astra Zeneca Vaccines to our Primary Care Network Vaccine delivery site in Portchester.

We are therefore contacting patients in the 80+ age group and Healthcare workers to book appointments when we have delivery of these vaccines.

We are currently vaccinating patients in the Care Homes which we look after and then we will be working our way through our correct cohorts of patients as required by NHS England. The next Cohort are our 75 – 79 year old patients.

 As you will appreciate we are vaccinating as quickly as we can but are limited by supply.

We are currently phoning our patients as the clinics are usually at short notice due to the vaccine supply, however, going forward we may be able to use a text messaging system where patients will then be invited to book their own appointment via their mobile phone.

In the meantime, please do not telephone the surgery to request an appointment, as we are busy dealing with our normal workload.

Thank you for your co-operation. We will let you know more as soon as we can.

To all our patients

We fully understand that some people who have had the first dose are both keen and anxious to get their second as soon as possible to get maximum protection from the virus, and that the delay is not what you were expecting.

To explain, the NHS is following new guidance from the Government’s expert advisors which says that prioritising a first dose for as many people as possible will save more lives.

This is because even with just one dose the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine has been estimated to offer 89% effectiveness from two weeks after it is given and the Oxford/AstraZeneca has been estimated to offer 74% effectiveness from two weeks after it is given.

As the Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Jonathan Van Tam, has said: “The evidence clearly shows vaccinated individuals get almost complete protection after the first dose. Simply put, every time we vaccinate someone a second time, we are not vaccinating someone else for the first time. It means we are missing an opportunity to greatly reduce the chances of the most vulnerable people getting severely ill from Covid-19. If a family has two elderly grandparents and there are two vaccines available, it is better to give both 89 per cent than to give one 95 per cent protection with two quick doses, and the other grandparent no protection at all.”

Our ambition, if supplies allow, is to have offered vaccines to the most vulnerable 13 million people by the middle of February.

Therefore, as a key part of the national effort to protect as many people in at-risk groups as quickly as possible, booster doses will now be delivered within 12 weeks of the first dose. We will be in touch to reschedule your second dose as soon as possible.

You will be aware that Covid19 Vaccinations are beginning to be available in the UK and we would like to advise you of how we will be making this very important vaccination available to our Patients.

We are obliged to vaccinate our patients in set groups and are provided with a relatively small number of vaccinations on a rotational basis.

Therefore, as from 11.12.2020 we will be telephoning all our patients, who are in the 80 years of aged and over group, to invite them to book two vaccination appointments 21 days apart.  These appointments will be at PORTCHESTER HEALTH CENTRE as we are working together with our colleagues in our Primary Care Network of practices.

Due to the logistics of the delivery and administering the vaccine the first clinic date will be very shortly after the phone call and the second clinic date for the same patient, 21 days later.

We will not be able to vaccinate all our 80+ year old patients in the first instance so will contact further patients in this group after a few weeks, when we are clear on the next delivery and clinic dates.

It is very important that, when invited, you book for this important vaccination but please remember that we will contact you and you do NOT need to call the surgery.  You may see ‘unknown number’ come up on your phone, please answer this as it could be the surgery trying to make contact.

It may be a good idea to think of how you will travel to PORTCHESTER HEALTH CENTRE in advance of your invitation so that you can take up this vaccine as soon as possible.

We will keep this information up to date, and will be texting a link to all our patients, so that we can inform you of when we change to inviting a different group of patients.

Please remember NOT to attend your appointment if you have any symptoms of Covid19 and call us to cancel your appointment so that we can give the appointment to another patient.  You will be recalled again if this happens.

We thank you for your co-operation in helping us to provide this vaccination to all our patients.

Your Neighbourhood Professionals. Just a Click Away! Need care but want to stay in your own home?
Your Neighbourhood Professionals. Just a Click Away! Need care but want to stay in your own home?