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Fees For Non General Medical Services

As from 1.4.22 - next review date 1.4.2023

The Practice has a commitment to provide general medical services to all our patients, and this is covered under the NHS. However certain services are not provided under the NHS and in these cases the doctors can charge a fee.

The Surgery is unable to oblige with any 'Occupational Health' services/Hep B injections etc.

Unfortunately often there are no standard forms and occasionally we will not be able to quote a price without viewing  the form and assessing what information is required.  In these cases please liaise with a member of staff.

The Surgery aims to keep all these additional expenses to only those necessary, or as requested by the patient.

All payments to the surgery must be made at the time of the request.

Cheque or Cash  - please make cheques payable to Gudgeheath Lane Surgery. Card payments accepted at the Surgery reception desk.

Please be aware that Private work left with us for the GP to complete has a turnaround time of up to 3-4 weeks.  This is due to the fact that NHS work takes priority over Private work.  We will call you when the paperwork is ready for collection.

Forms FEE
Private Sick Note £26.00
Driving License Countersignature £36.00
Holiday Cancellation /Fitness to Travel Certificates or Claim Forms £34.00
Private Insurance Claims  - BUPA/PPP/Sickness/Accident  Claim forms £36.00
Fit for Arduous training - expedition form/certificate £52.00
Fit for Education £72.00
Letters FEE
Fit to attend letters - Gym/sport/college £41.00
Letter re DWP/ESA (requested by pt) to support applications £36.00
Character reference - shotgun licence/employment £62.00
Vaccination record (extract from medical record for school/college/university. No fee if print out of medical record
Under General Data Protection Regulations 2018 any requirement for photocopying or printing in addition to the letter or form above (where frequent or excessive attracts an additional fee of £0.40 per side.  Any postage and packing is also chargeable (minimum fee £1.60)
Prescriptions FEE
Private prescription (for drugs not needed immediately by patients travelling abroad) £27.00
Travel vaccinations FEE
Hepititis B, Men ACWY,  Rabies, Tick Enceph, Jab B, Cholera are not available from the surgery Please contact a private Travel Health clinic
Hepatitis A (primary course only) Typhoid, Diphtheria, Polio Free
Medical Examinations FEE
HGV test - requires pt to bring in EYE test paperwork to medical  
Medical Examination and Report (Professional bodies / Taxi / Racing / HGV / PSV / Employment / Private / Sports/ Driving / Seat Belt Exemption / Fit to Travel / Elderly Driver / Holiday Cancellation / CAA Private Pilots Licence etc) £175.00
Report only (see examples above) £135.00
Lasting Power of Attorney Certification £62.00
Assessment of Capacity £145.00 if visit to pt required /£90.00 if pt comes in to GHL
Proforma Medical Forms FEE
Ofsted Health Forms (Child Minder) £103.00
General Dental Council/General Nursing council/CQC (fit to  practice)/ Special Constable £103.00
Glider Licence £72.00
Lighter Life Questionnaires / Cambridge diet (* review with PN - BP etc) £70.00/£12.00
Miscellaneous FEE
Private Blood Tests  (does not include any hospital fees - patient is responsible - call 02392 286873 for information) £36.00
Private Paternity/DNA testing from £55.00
Road Traffic Accidents (1st Doctor providing treatment) Patient / Insurance company £27.00
Private Consultation £43.00


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