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Steps to registering for online access to your medical record:

  1. PATIENT ACCESS Patient information leaflet.doc
  2. Further information regarding viewing your online medical record

If you are 16 years old or over you can sign up, via the NHS app to see at the doctors discretion, more of your medical record going forward, from the date you sign up on the App. 

If a patient requires access to their retrospective detailed care record it is practice policy that they apply for this by requesting, in writing, a Subject Access Request. This needs to be detailed as to which parts of your record you wish to see, ie specific dates or conditions -  a form is available from reception.  This request will take some time to fulfil so will be processed within 90 days. 

If a patient requires a proxy to have access to their care record, A form at reception needs to be completed by the patient in the surgery and Photographic ID must be presented.

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