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Repeat Prescriptions


Prescription Requests

In order to help us during the very busy Christmas and New Year periods please ensure that you request all medication promptly.

Don’t leave your request until the last minute!

Thank you and Merry Christmas!


Christmas & New Year Surgery Opening Times

  • Monday 24th December 2018 - Open as Normal
  • Tuesday 25th December 2018 - Closed
  • Wednesday 26th December 2018 - Closed 
  • Thursday 27th December 2018 - Open as Normal
  • Friday 28th December 2018 - Open as Normal
  • Monday 31st December 2018 - Open as Normal
  • Tuesday 1st January 2019 - Closed
  • Wednesday 2nd January 2019 - Open as Normal


Please hand, send in (with SAE  if appropriate) or fax 01329 513668 your repeat request card to order your repeat prescriptions and allow three full working days for processing.

Sorry, no telephone requests due to there being an enormous number of different names and quantities of medication.

Click here for details of our online service and how to sign up for this.

Click here to complete a form to Nominate your pharmacy to receive your prescriptions electronically. See further information below.

Please allow three full working days’ notice -

Prescriptions received on: Prescription Ready for collection from the surgery on:
Monday Thursday  After 4pm
Tuesday Friday  After 4pm
Wednesday Monday After 4pm
Thursday Tuesday After 4pm
Friday    Wednesday  After 4pm

Remember to tick all the items you require.  There may be some occasions when your request for repeat medication may be declined.  This could be that you are requesting your prescription before it is due.  Unfortunately we are unable to inform you of this occurrence.

It would assist us if you could collect your prescription after 4pm - thank you.

Local chemists operate collection and delivery services, further details can be obtained from individual chemists.

It is a driver's responsibility to decide whether they consider their driving is, or they believe might be, impaired on any given occasion when taking prescribed medication. For more information please see your doctor or pharmacist.


From Monday 18th January 2016 when requesting a prescription it will now take three working days to process. This is a change from the two working days policy that we currently have in place. Please order your prescription early enough in order to allow for this extra processing time.


1.     Via the surgery – using a written request
2.     Via your Pharmacy
3.     Online
4.     Electronic prescription service (EPS)

1.      Via the surgery – a written request

This is the most commonly used method and can be done using the right hand side of the prescription or by writing a list of medication.


Please only order medication that you need. It would be helpful if you ordered your medication in one go as needed, instead of asking for individual items between regular requests.

Please allow sufficient time to process your request. Your prescription will be ready from 4pm three working days after the day you ordered your medication.

We do not accept telephone requests for prescriptions as this can lead to errors.

 2.      Via the Pharmacy

Some patients will submit a written request to their Pharmacy and then leave it up to them to contact the practice to obtain a further prescription.


Only request medication you need. If you have a concern about one of your medications, discuss this with the Pharmacist.

If you have taken a decision to stop taking medication, let your GP know, they may wish to discuss this choice with you. Please do not keep ordering medication you are not taking.

3.      Online request

Click here for details of our online service and how to sign up for this.

4.      Electronic Prescription Service

This is often called EPS and is now available in most general practices.

EPS is reliable, secure and confidential.

Your electronic prescription will be seen by the same people in GP practices, pharmacies and NHS prescription payment and fraud agencies that see your paper prescription now.

If you usually collect repeat prescriptions you will not have to visit your GP practice just to pick up your paper prescription. Instead, your GP will send the prescription electronically to the place you choose, saving you time.

The prescription is an electronic message so there is no paper prescription to lose.

You will have more choice about where to get your medicines from because they can be collected from a pharmacy near to where you live, work or shop.  Nominate your pharmacy! complete the form and send it to us.

If the prescription needs to be cancelled the GP can electronically cancel and issue a new prescription without having to return to the practice – saving you extra trips.

You may not have to wait as long as you usually do at the pharmacy as your repeat prescription can be made ready before you arrive.

You can get all these benefits if you:

  • Have a stable condition
  • Don’t want to go to your GP practice every time to collect your repeat prescription
  • Collect your medicines from the same place most of the time
  • Use a prescription collection service 
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