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Travel Immunisation Information

Patients travelling abroad should always take advice on what vaccinations they need and whether anti-malarial tablets are indicated.

 We are not able to offer advice to patients on the vaccinations they may require but we can recommend using a registered private travel clinic or taking advice from the website

NHS vaccinations are available from the surgery free of charge. 

Please be aware that we require 8 weeks notice prior to your travel date, in order to assess your travel vaccination requirements and to allow any vaccinations to take effect.

We ask that patients requesting vaccines for travel, complete the attached form and bring or send it into reception together with either the printed destination advice sheet from the Travel Health Pro website, or a recommendation from a private travel clinic .  The Practice Nurse will review the form and, if appropriate, arrange for an appointment with the Nurse for vaccination/s.

NHS vaccinations are the following:

Hepatitis A





Any patient requiring private vaccination of the following

Hepatitis B  (For Travel only – we do not do Occupational Health)


Meningitis ACWY

Tick borne encephalitis


will be required to pay in full (by cheque or cash) before the vaccine is ordered.

Patients who are unsure about their vaccination record should check with the Practice Nurse, in a standard 10 minute consultation, before further vaccination. Following this consultation the patient will need to rebook following the guidelines above.

Private prescription (for drugs not needed immediately by patients travelling abroad) £31.00
Anti Malarial Prophylaxis Consultation and Private prescription £260.00
Some drugs are not available via the NHS (e.g. Travel Vaccines which the surgery purchase and again a charge is levied)
Vaccinations, including relevant vaccination certificate Hepatitis B, Rabies, Meningitis ACWY, Tick Enceph, Jab B, Cholera etc Price given and PAID when booking appt with PN and then PN will order vaccine.
Hepatitis A (primary course only) Typhoid, Diphtheria, Polio Free
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